About Us

AxonWare is a privately held corporation located in Sandyford Dublin 18 Ireland. AxonWare's mission is to provide the best possible value for our customers seeking software licenses.

Why Use AxonWare?

AxonWare offers software licensing expertise. Our customers gain value by utilising us as a valuable buying resource.

Customers Advocate

AxonWare aims tobe the customers advocate for licensing and order fulfilment issues. We aim to cut through the confusion and guide customers to the right software mix/fit for their needs. While we aim to be highly competitive on price - we believe it’s more important to engage with customers and build a lasting relationship based on real customer value and trust. 

Impartiality and Independence

Many software companies are only too eager to sell you the most expensive product they can get away with. Getting customers to upgrade unnecessarily or buy unnecessary subscriptions/renewals is bad for business in the long term.

Happy Customers -  Great Sales People

We don't always get it right - but we truly believe that satisfied customers are our greatest sales force.
Customers are not fooled by the hard sell. If you're happy - then we will be successful.

Where did the name AxonWare come from?

Back in 2003 we wanted to come up with a memorable name that tied into our vision for the company.
The function of the Axon is to transmit information to different neurons, muscles, and glands.
An axon (from Greek áxon, axis), or nerve fiber, is a long, slender projection of a nerve cell, or neuron.
Basically - think of AxonWare as a pulses of knowledge in your software/tech journey.

• Expert licensing help for volume licenses, government, academic, students and charities. Let us assist you in getting the best prices on accounting software , payroll software, backup & security, cloud solutions, developer tools, graphics, CAD software and as well as specialised niche products. 

• Onsite Consulting / Training on selected products such as Quickbooks,  AutoCad , Collsoft, Doc-To-Help and more.

• Our phones are manned by real people who work with you to find the best solution. Some of them even have a sense of humour. 

• Convenient Online store for quick ordering and delivery. Buy Cad, Accounting Software, Graphics or other business software at great prices.
• Thousands of software products in our portfolio - so we couldnt possibly list them all on our site.