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System Requirements

Each manufacturer has their own system requirements. These get updated regularly. Our vendors (manufacturers) technical specifications links are:
QuickBooks - "XP not supported as all"
Note that for CAD & Graphics applications you will usually need a more powerful machine than the minimum specs listed by the manufacturer. Chromebooks are generally not supported for installation of Windows or MAC software.

Installation / Uninstallation

Always check the Maufacturer website, knowledgebase, online help or printed documentation as the primary sources for system requirements and technical installation/removal details. AxonWare is not liabile for defects in installation/uninstallation of applications or techncial instructions provided here or by Manufacturer. The sample paragraphs below are usually sufficient for most software uninstallation.

How to uninstall

Windows 7, 8 Vista

To remove Software from Windows Vista and later:
Click the Windows Start button and click Control Panel.
Under Programs and features, click Uninstall a program.
Right-click the entry for your software and then click Uninstall.
If prompted, provide Windows permission to continue.
Click Yes to begin the uninstall process.


To remove your software (trial and full versions) from Windows XP:
Click the Windows Start button.
Click Settings and then click Control Panel.
Double-click Add/Remove Programs.
Select your software and then click Remove.
Click Next in the installation window.
Click Remove and then click Next.
Click Remove to begin the uninstallation process.


Unlike Windows, Mac does not have any utility like “Add or Remove programs” which completely removes an application.
Occasionally, some applications come with their own MAC uninstall utility.
Check your program documentation/online help or Manufacturers knowledge base to confirm if an uninstaller is available. To uninstallon MAc generally you can simply send the program you want to delete to the Trash. When the Trash is emptied, the program is uninstalled from your system.
There may, however, be lingering preference files that stay after the program has been deleted. These will need to be manually deleted by you or a program.

EULA - End User License Agreements

Each Manufacturer offers a different EULA for their software. When you download a trial or new software application you are presented with the EULA. Take care to read it fully before installing.
Adobe EULAs
Autodesk EULAs
Collsoft Payroll EULA
QuickBooks EULA
Sketchup EULA
Tableau EULA
VectorWorks EULA
Multiple Copies :If you are buying a number of software licenses - please request a quote. Very often its a lot cheaper. We can provide you with bank details for payment by wire transfer.

Electronic Delivery:

We encourage you to choose electronic delivery where possible. ESD of a Download link plus serial number is now the standard method of delivery. If you create an account when checking out you may be presented with your software serial and download right away.
In addition we will send your invoice and download details separately.
While many products are delivered right away - some products may be sent by the vendor (manufacturer) and take 1-2 business days.
In rare circumstances it can take longer. Rest assured that AxonWare will always chase a vendor for the fastest reponse turnaround.

Why Choose Electonic Software Delivery

• Fastest most reliable delivery. (Usually within minutes/hours depending on the product)
• Saves the environment
•You dont have to deal with a courier not being able to find your office!
Someone else signs for your product and forgets to tell you).
• You lose/misplace your DVD and have to buy again.
• Most up to date version of your software should be the download version.
• Do you still buy music on on vinyl - exactly neither do we.


All our prices on our site are displayed Euro as the master currency.
Transactions are executed in Euros default. Your local currency: Contact us if you wish to pay in GBP or USD


You can order online by credit card.
You may also pay by wire transfer in EURO / USD or Pounds STG - please contact us first for bank details and an exact quote.

VAT Policy

All our prices on our site are displayed excluding VAT.
This is because the VAT rate (if any) that is chargeable depends on where you are located, whether you are registered for VAT, whether you are buying an electronic download and whether you are a business customer or private B2C customer
The recent VAT MOSS legislation has simplified things a bit.
Example 1
You are a business customer based in Germany (registered for MwSt) buying software as a download electronic version - you will be not be charged Irish VAT.
Self accounting rules apply for VAT. You will need to have a valid VAT, MWST, BYW, MOMS, ALV, TVA, IVA, BTW number to prove you are a business customer.

Example 2
You are located outside the EU (Say Switzerland) you will NOT be charged VAT.

Example 3
You are located in Ireland - you will be charged VAT at 23%.

Example 4
You are a private customer located in the EU buying software as a downloaded electronic version (ESD) for your own private use. You will be be charged VAT at your local rate in your country in the EU. If your VAT RATE (or country) is not listed - contact AxonWare immediately.

Spot something?

If you spot an error, typo or omission on our site - please contact us right away. Its easy to make a mistake - your suggestions for improvements are always appreciated.

Price Protection

All prices subject to change.
Occasionally we can get it wrong e.g a price may have been increased by a vendor before we can update our site.
We reserve the right to refuse to process any order and refund your card. We are human too!

Help us drive prices down

If you find that we are not competitive please let us know right away.

SAMPLE DELIVERY RATES (non-electronic products)

You may choose this option if the product is listed as having a DVD or Dongle when ordering.
Email info@axonware.com if you want us to check if a DVD is available.
Mainland Europe:Depends on product but typically €19 Euro or Stg equivalent.

Returns Policy

We want you to be happy with your products and recommend us as good to do business with.
Its in eveyones interest that you are treated fairly.
Goods are shipped FOB - free on board.
Certain publishers offer a 30 day money back guarantee - these are fulfilled directly by the vendor.
The acceptance of a return item is solely at the discretion of AxonWare Ltd.
Where an electronic product has been delivered - it cannot be returned. We encourage you to try before you buy. Most software products are available as a free trial download either from our site or the vendor site.
The shipped product must have been bought from us in the last 7 days.
Contents must be in an as new condition - that means unopened.
Shipping charges can never be refunded.

We reserve the right to levy a restocking fee equivalent to 30 Euro and a credit card processing fee. This amount will be subtracted from the amount to be refunded.
AxonWare Ltd cannot accept damaged packages.
You must obtain a Returned Merchandise Authorisation Number prior to returning your package.

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