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iCADMac 2022Eng/deutsche Version

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iCADMac 2022Eng/deutsche Version

iCADMac CAD DWG Solution

Looking for a DWG CAD for your Mac? iCADMac is the first 2D/3D DWG and DXF CAD solution for MAC OS X that opens, saves and draws directly in AutoCAD® native format.
Up to DWG 2022!

progecad ipad

Your projects follow you everywhere!

Send your DWGfiles from your Mac to visualize on the iPad™ in the optimized and protected PDF format.
Import and convert your PDF with annotations included into a DWG with iCADMac using the PDF2DWG converter.

iCADMac is user friendly 2D/3D CAD software for MAC OS X, which reads and writes DWG format drawing files. It is easy to use thanks to the high level of compatibility with AutoCAD, and it is easy to get as you pay far less money to obtain economic licensing solutions. These characteristics make the software the ideal choice for those who search for the lowest cost for designing, revision and creating technical documentation, without giving up the quality and compatibility included in the market standard.

iCADMac is a complete DWG CAD package offering a wide array of features and tools for 2D design and 3D modelling, a familiar interface, and compatibility with the design format most widely used throughout the world.

You will have no problems managing your projects, collaborating with other designers, and exchanging data with all the member's of your team.

NEW: 3D PDF Export. Create ADOBE PDF standard with your dynamic 3D content inside. PDF3D allows to communicate to all the globe and share your data with anyone in an easy and innovative way. Smart collaboration with your draftsmen and designers as well as users who do not deal with CAD software. iCADMac is the only DWG CAD for Mac supporting this feature.

ProgeCAD iCADMac brochure :

What is iCADMac?

iCADMac is a 2D/3D CAD application for the MAC OS X using DWG and DXF native formats, representing a powerful, reliable, complete, easy to use and economic software.

iCADMac’s extremely affordable price when compared to competitor's products makes the software the ideal choice for those who search for realistic cost optimization in design, revision and creation of technical documentation, without giving up the quality and compatibility available in the market standard.

iCADMac immediately stands out for being compatible, both the drawing format, and the AutoCAD®-like User interface.

iCADMac enables any user accustomed to AutoCAD® to start working with their DWG drawings using iCADMac without the necessity of any conversion and with no steep learning curve.

iCADMac Features

DWG Compatibility
- High compatibility with the DWG drawing file format, from Version 2.5 up to the most recent AutoCAD®

PDF Import and Export
- PDF file conversion into DWG with Layer supported
- Export your drawings in the PDF format. Supports grayscale output, PDF layer, TrueType font embedding, and document properties.

3D PDF Export
- Create ADOBE PDF standard with your dynamic 3D content inside.

Gradient Hatch
- Display and create Gradient Hatches.

- Display and create tables.

Raster and images Management
- Display, create and edit DWG drawings with images, photos and raster images.

Image Clipping
- Rectangular and polygonal clip on images.

Polygonal Viewports
- Polygonal layout viewports.

Xref Manager - Xref Manager
- A module for quick, easy management of external references.

Standard Interface
- A friendly, familiar environment for AutoCAD® users.

Property Bar
- A visual and intuitive interface to edit object properties.

Additional Hatches
- More than 300 additional hatch patterns.

Pack and Go
- Creates a package containing the current drawing and its dependent files.

PDF and DGN Underlay
- PDF and DGN files can be attached as an underlay to a drawing file and used as a background for your drawings.

- Basic rendering functions with Light and Shading management.
Advanced module will be available soon as an option module.

- Multiple line creation of up to 16 simultaneous tracks.

Display on iPad™
- Display and edit iCADMac drawings on iPad™, iPhone®, and iPod touch® in DWG and PDF formats.

- Create revision Clouds with options (Rectangular, Elliptical, Freehand).

ACIS Solids Modeler - Display and create of ACIS® solids (the same modeller within AutoCAD®).

Advanced Library of Blocks
- 22.000 Blocks organized and ready to use.

Export drawings
- Convert your drawings to SAT, STL, EPS file formats.

Drawing Fields
- Add Fields to annotations. Use Fields to update visible information such as modification date, drawing name, and author.

- Support for Menu customization and Macro/Application with Lisp and C++

System requirements

Compatible with all Intel® Processor Mac's:
* Apple® Mac® Pro, MacBook® Pro, iMac®, Mac® mini, MacBook Air®, MacBook®
* Mac OS X v10.5.8 or later
* x86 Intel® processor
* 1 GB of RAM (2 GB recommended)
* 2.0 GB free disk space for download and installation (3 GB recommended)
* All graphics cards on supported hardware
* 1,024 x 768 display with true color
* Mac OS X-compliant printer

What's New in iCADMac

- Improved DWG Read/Write native support

- 3D PDF Export. Convert 3D drawings into rich interactive 3D PDF documents, where users can rotate and zoom in to reveal hidden detail, in a standard technical PDF report. iCADMac is the only DWG CAD for Mac supporting this feature

- Fully support for customized paper size print

- Polygonal Viewports with clipping: the ClipViewport command lets you clip the display of Viewports on the current Sheet at irregular shapes.

- PDF and DGN Underlay. PDF and DGN files can be attached as an underlay to a drawing file and used as a background for your drawings

- 64-bit version

- Better support of MacOS Mountain Lion features

- In place text editing

- CALLOUT: Use the Callout command to place boxed mark-up text in drawings with an arrow pointing to an object or location in the drawing.

- Enhanced performance of loading, rebuilding, and saving large files and less memory consumption.

-New Express Tools: EXPLODETEXT: Text conversion to drawing entities and EXPLODEX: Exploding Ellipses and Splines

- SMARTCALCULATOR: Use the SmartCalculator command to display the Calculator dialog box to perform mathematical and trigonometric computations and measurement conversions. You can use the command transparently.

- New Export formats: SAT, STL, EPS

- PDF Export Improvements. Support of PDF output options such as grayscale output, PDF layer support, TrueType font embedding, and document properties support.

- New command PACKANDGO: Creates a package containing the current drawing and its dependent files such as References, referenced images, referenced PDF files, font files, font mapping files, PrintStyle files, and Print Configuration files

- New command SPELLCHECK: check the spelling of all Texts in the drawing

- MAKEFLATSNAPSHOT: Creates a flat representation of 3D solid objects, projected to the X-Y plane of the drawing

- New command CLOUD with options (Rectangular, Elliptical, Freehand): Use the Cloud command to create revision clouds. Revision clouds are used in drawings to indicate that certain areas require or contain revisions. You can create rectangular, elliptical and freehand Clouds to accentuate drawing areas. You can adjust the radius of the sequential arcs of Clouds.

- New command SMARTLEADER: draws Leader lines that connect annotations to a drawing entity.

- New command LOFT: creates a new solid object or surface by specifying a series of cross sections.

- Field : You can add Fields to annotations. Use Fields to update visible information such as modification date, drawing name, and author. For example, with Fields you can keep text in title blocks accurate.Fields are updated automatically when you save, print, or rebuild drawings.

- New command VOICENOTE: allows to record audio notes and embed them in drawings.

Why choose iCADMac?

User friendly: Customizable interface that is familiar to CAD users. >br> Economic and complete: iCADMac costs just a fraction of the cost of competitors, yet offers similar functions.
Native DWG format: Fully compatible with AutoCAD® files, no conversion required.
30-day FREE complete trial: Test iCADMac and see how it compares before purchase.
FREE updates: All updates are free for one year using the purchased version.
iCare services are available for iCADMac. Direct technical assistance and access to all the updates and new versions. Unlimited access to the clients area. Online Helpdesk.

License Flexibility
iCADMac is available with different licensing solutions: - Single License: Quick and immediate. For a single Mac Pro, MacBook Pro; iMac; Mac mini; MacBook Air; MacBook - USB-dongle License: this license with a USB-dongle protection allows to transfer your license from between Mac Pro, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook Air or MacBook - Network License: allows to share licenses in the net. Can be installed on unlimited computers in the net and used at the same time by several users according to the purchased licenses (1 NLM=1 concurrent user). The number of network floating licenses determines how many users can work with the product concurrently, so in accordance with this the necessary number of licenses should be acquired.

Price - excluding vat:
€700.00 €587.06

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